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TWseven founder

My Story

I have a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. I started my career at Wallis Fashion Group, sourcing outerwear fabrics and merchandising outerwear. I moved to Richard Shops as an Accessories Buyer. I then relocated to Cape Town in South Africa and worked for Woolworths as a Knitwear Buyer.


On returning to the Uk I worked at Marks and Spencer as a Swimwear and Sportswear Buyer, before going on maternity leave with my first child. I then returned to M&S and worked in the tailoring department as a Jackets Buyer, co-ordinating jackets with tailored trousers and skirts. I left M&S in 2000 when I moved to Kent and had just had my second child.

TWseven was launched in 2017 with the concept of creating exclusive, affordable, original T-Shirt and Sweatshirt designs that compliment your everyday wardrobe. All my products are Limited Edition Designs and I only produce small runs or Print-To-Order so there is no overstocking or garment waste. All my products are printed locally in Kent.

As my small business has evolved over the years I have started to add key pieces that I believe will compliment your wardrobe and your everyday style and work with a graphic T-Shirt or Sweatshirt. I also believe that style is not defined by age and I have designed all the collections with women over 50 in mind. I turn 60 later in the year and age is a privilege and you never have to lose your signature style.

My first passion has always been Fashion but my second passion is Fitness. I became hooked on exercise whilst living in South Africa. I have run 5 London Marathons for Action For Children Charity, participated in Triathlons and lots of charity sporting events. Although I’m nearing 60, I haven’t lost that passion and exercise 6 days a week! With this in mind I have recently launched a fitness range called Toniic which means to invigorate, restore, refresh and stimulate.

Nicky x

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