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My Footprint

As a small business I do not carry a lot of stock as I do not believe in waste and overstocking which could eventually can go to Land Fill.

I believe in Slow Fashion so I only produce very small quantities of each design or a Print-To- Order service which may take a little longer to arrive but as a customer you know it has been made especially for you.

All our cotton is 100% Organic Cotton and where we use polyester it is be recycled polyester.

fairwear foundation logo

You will see this logo on most of the TWseven garments.

Fair Wear Foundation is a non -profit organisation that works with clothing brands to verify and improve workplace conditions for garment workers in 11 countries. Our Fair Wear Foundation products are made by producers who meet the standards set by FWF, including freely chosen employment, no child labour, no discrimination in employment, payment of a living wage, reasonable work hours and safe working conditions among others.

I use a local printer to me in Kent, supporting another small business and by working with a local printer minimising the carbon footprint for transportation.

TWseven founder
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