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How do you wear your graphic T-Shirt?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

T-Shirts come in all shapes and sizes and there is no rule how they are suppose to be worn.

Some people wear them oversized, borrow their boyfriends/husbands or some prefer to wear them fitted for a more polished look.

Fitted vs oversized T-Shirt


We style our T-Shirts with clothes already in our wardrobes, not always with the latest trends, but just our everyday go-to pieces to show how easily T-Shirts can be worn no matter what your size or wardrobe preference.

Using our current wardrobe pieces to style our T-Shirts


For some people a graphic T-Shirt is still not an item of clothing they would happily purchase because they feel it is only for the teenage market or because they feel their figure shape wouldn’t suit this silhouette and so for some ladies it is definitely a no no!

Half Tuck

We want to show you that a T-Shirt can be everybody's friend by styling your T-Shirt by partly tucking it into your trousers or skirt with a half tuck, (this is known as the French Tuck), which will add dimension to your outfit and gives a more edgy sophistication.

French Tuck

If you feel uncomfortable showing off your waist, or are slightly more curvy, you can size up your T-Shirt and tuck in, but still show off your figure by adding structure to your look.


A more formal look, fully tucked in

A T-Shirt can also be more formal when fully tucked in, worn dressed up with trousers or a skirt. These outfits are perfect for work or when you need a more grown up look.

We hope we have briefly shown you that T-Shirts can become an important item in your everyday wardrobe. These are not just basic white T-Shirts, these are TWseven limited edition T-Shirts.

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear your feedback!


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